LAVA is more of a school and training center than a typical American yoga studio. Most classes are tailored to the students who regularly attend the class. We are interested in guiding each student in their unique practice instead of expecting students to fit into a sort of “cookie cutter” class format.


This focus on the individual needs of the students requires teachers highly skilled in the practices of the Yoga Tradition and Taoist Traditions, as well as teachers that are highly skilled at how to teach and communicate these practices.


All instructors at LAVA School of Yoga are certified to teach their classes, and all teachers have their own regular practices that continue to improve their skills and their own understanding.


Students are encouraged to spend the time it takes to learn the mechanics of the poses and then strengthen these skills with deliberate and regular practice. Being steady and balanced while coming into and out of the poses is just as important as being “in the poses”. Concentration and attention is most highly valued. Advanced stages of the poses come only after the student is strong and confident in the preceding stages.


This all sounds very serious. And it is. This is powerful stuff! We also have fun and encourage and inspire each other every day. We take our practice seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

LAVA Group Sessions

LAVA School of Yoga:

Beginner's Course
(Introductory session)


Currently by request. Contact Jean - $35

Learn the basics and the mechanics of the yoga postures and beginning breathing techniques. When you complete this intensive you will feel comfortable attending most basic yoga classes.

3-hour session.

To register, contact Jean at lavaschool108@gmail.com

or call 719-846-2325.


LAVA School of Yoga:

Community Class Schedule

Traditional in-person studio style setting:

All remaining in-studio classes are full until public health restrictions allow for larger classes​.
Please see our online class schedule below for our new offerings!


To learn more contact us!



LAVA School of Yoga Teacher Training*

200 hours - $2200.00

In our training, we put a large emphasis on teaching and communication. You will also gain a full understanding of many yoga asana (physical positions), physiology and anatomy, philosophy, breathing and sitting practices. 


If you or someone you know is interested in this unique opportunity, please contact Jean at 719-846-2325 or lavaschool108@gmail.com.


*The next training is in the scheduling process.

  • This next training will consist of the first 100 hours of the 200 hour program.

  • Class size is limited.

  • Please contact Jean for information about this unique program and with any possible questions about accommodations for students who live far from Trinidad.

LAVA Registered Classes

Online monthly classes

Online classes will be accessible via Google Meet. Once you have registered for one of the classes below, you will receive an email invitation link from Jean. This email is not automated, so please allow for a few business days. =) Contact Jean at lavaschool108@gmail.com if you run into any issues.

You will need to have access to a device that has audio & video capabilities (a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop). On the day of your chosen class: click the link provided via email, it will take you to the live classroom and we'll get started!

All students are asked to log in at least 5 minutes prior to class.
Students arriving late to class will not be granted access for that current session.

Our classes are arranged into monthly courses instead of individual classes!
Each month we explore themes, general lessons or specific lessons. The monthly themes come from the instructors’ interests, as well as topics and exercises the students are working on in their own practices. For example, we may focus on specific physical postures, strengthening or lengthening certain areas of the body, or breathing techniques within the context of the asana (physical postures) practice.

Register for your course(s) of choice via the options listed below, or by contacting Jean through the studio.

Courses meet twice a week for the month. Each course runs continuously into the next month, and most students simply continue their monthly membership and attend their courses without interruption. Each class section below contains shopping options for monthly individual or recurring subscription packages.

A single month track is $45, with an additional $20 per track added.
Contact Jean for combination options not listed below. =)

Student and veteran rates also available.  

Please contact Jean for additional info.



Mornings: T/Th 7-8am. This class will begin with a substantial warm up sequence, work into moving & strengthening the body, & end with a brief sitting meditation. Perfect start to your day!

Choose "pay once" to register for a single month,
or "pay monthly" for the ease of monthly sessions without interruption!



Mornings: M/W 7-8am

TaiJi and QiGong practices are part of the Taoist tradition of exercises for health and personal growth. These exercises consist of slow, precise and methodical movements, usually done while standing, but can be done seated as well. Simple in movement and challenge, these excercises are excellent for strengthening our coordination, attention, focus and balance.

No prior experience is necessary. This practice can be modified for almost all physical abilities.

This is a fantastic way to start your day or decompress from working all day!

Jean Crisler instructs this class. Jean has a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist. She has been teaching QiGong for 20 years.

Choose "pay once" to register for a single month,
or "pay monthly" for the ease of monthly sessions without interruption!


Special Event - Crystal Singing Bowl Class

A brief guided relaxation exercise that gives way to full immersion in the sounds of the crystal bowls.
Event is one hour long.

This event is currently by request only. Please contact Jean at lavaschool108@gmail.com if you'd like to schedule this event.

Class Descriptions

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This morning exercise class includes some mat pilates exercises and calisthenics that creatively train the core stabilizing muscles, arms and legs.

Core Strength

Monday, Friday

45 minutes

This class focuses on Yoga Asana, which are the physical movements of Yoga. There is some effort involved in this class, but suitable even for beginners that are able to move to and from the floor.

Morning Yoga

Tuesday, Thursday

60 minutes

There are many more classes we teach at LAVA School of Yoga. These are private classes tailored to the specific needs and goals of the students. One of these classes may be perfect for you!
Please contact us for more info.