Entelechy Acupuncture

LAVA is more of a school and training center than a typical American yoga studio. Most classes are tailored to the students who regularly attend the class. We are most interested in guiding each student in their unique practice instead of expecting students to fit into a sort of “cookie cutter” class format.


This focus on the individual needs of the students requires teachers highly skilled in the practices of the Yoga Tradition and Taoist Traditions, as well as teachers that are highly skilled at how to teach and communicate these practices.


All instructors at LAVA School of Yoga are certified to teach their classes, and all teachers have their own regular practices that continue to improve their skills and their own understanding.


Students are encouraged to spend the time it takes to learn the mechanics of the poses and then strengthen these skills with deliberate and regular practice. Being steady and balanced while coming into and out of the poses is just as important as being “in the poses”. Concentration and attention is most highly valued. Advanced stages of the poses come only after the student is strong and confident in the preceding stages.


This all sounds very serious. And it is. This is powerful stuff! We also have fun and encourage and inspire each other every day. We take our practice seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Entelechy Acupuncture

114 N. Commercial St.
Trinidad, CO