Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association started as a foster-based program in 1998 by a group of concerned citizens seeking proper and humane animal care in the Trinidad area.  As a result of the efforts of this pioneer group, Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association took over the day-to-day operations of the City of Trinidad Animal Shelter in 2001.  Our shelter consists of 13 permanent indoor dog kennels and 23 cat cages.  In 2014, we had over 1100 dogs and 550 cats come through our doors.  
Noah’s Ark is considered a no-kill facility and never euthanizes for space.
Mission: Wolf connects people with nature using hands-on experiential education. Through volunteer internships and national traveling education programs, we inspire individuals to become stewards of the earth. While providing a home for rescued wolves and horses, we create opportunities for growth through community service and personal interactions with animals. We value education, sustainability, and improving relationships between people, animals, and the world around them.
Mission: Wolf was created to provide shelter for captive wolves and allow humans a chance to understand them. Over the years, we have grown to an organization that reaches tens of thousands of people each year from coast to coast.
Our studio is a supporter of this amazing organization that rescues wolves as well as educates the public about these perfect creatures and their necessary place in nature.
Our studio sponsors two wolves, Rosie and Zeab.
We are committed to supporting Mission:Wolf and encourage you to learn more about them!
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Veteran's Yoga Project is an educational and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of military veterans. They are on a mission to support recovery and resilience among our veterans, families, and communities.  

Working in partnership with veterans, active-duty military personnel, student veterans’ organizations, and other non-profit organizations, VYP envisions a future where veterans, their families and our community have access to a full range of mind-body practices to facilitate recovery and resilience.

By providing support to all veterans, whether they are currently struggling with severe symptoms, or they are focused on increasing resilience and giving back to others, Veterans Yoga Project is doing its part to serve those who have served.