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COVID-19 Considerations at LAVA School of Yoga


-12/14/20 UPDATE- Due to the current conditions both locally and nationwide, LAVA is now offering a wide selection of online classes. Please click HERE to see our new offerings!

Because of the unique situation of the pandemic itself, as well as the relative unpredictability of world and local economies, transportation and social structures, this truly can be a great opportunity to consciously and continuously become our best selves each day. We
can continuously check in with ourselves and see where fear is deciding how we treat each other, where fear is deciding the tone of our day, where fear is telling us who we are. Once we are aware of fear’s constricted voice we can choose to think and behave from the unlimited space of conscious love.


Practicing in the park this summer has been such a great experience! We were back in the studio, as the mornings were getting cooler, but due to the increase in Covid rates locally we have introduced online classes to keep everyone safe AND to reach our larger community abroad! 

In-person classes are at capacity and masks are required for students inside the studio at the request of the governor and the county 
Health Department.


Please RSVP if you plan to attend the morning Yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so we can assure all students of adequate spacing.


Contact Jean for more info.

LAVA School of Yoga standard procedures and expectations

Students are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes prior to class starting time, but know that you should never feel rushed! Take your time and be safe. Early arrival is simply to allow yourself space for any additional stretching or quiet time you might enjoy.
The studio and outdoor sessions will have sanitizer available for mats and hands alike.

Studio classes will have blankets, cushions, bolsters, and various weights available on site, along with extra mats should you not have one yourself.  Please contact Jean should you have questions about specific needs not covered here.

The safety and comfort of our community is of utmost importance. The front of our studio is masked from clear view of the street, so that you may focus on your practice and outside foot-traffic will not have clear visual view of our classwork. 

Following suit, our students are expected to approach our classes as a shared safe-space where students and instructors alike can practice with freedom and peace of mind. Behavior deemed as inappropriate, or that brings another discomfort, will not be tolerated and the studio reserves the right to refuse service.