November 2014 Newsletter

LAVA Yoga Teacher Training

The next session of our 200­ hour yoga teacher certification begins in SPring of 2015.

  • This certification is registered with Yoga Alliance and focuses on how to be the most effective teacher, extensive anatomy and physiology training, asana proficiency and fascinating philosophical study.

  • Class size is very limited.

The required reading list is substantial. It’s good to get an early start to see if this is the next step in your practice.

All required reading must be finished before training begins. Basic asana proficiency must be demonstrated before training begins.

If you or someone you know is interested in this unique training call Jean at 846.2325.


We also teach private classes. If you would like your own class or would like to take classes with just your friends or family contact the studio to check available times and rates.


Beginners Intensive Training Block

If you are new to yoga or have been looking for a great place to start your practice anew, here is the class for you! To really explore the full potential within your yoga practice it will takes more training than attending a general class once or twice a week. This training is designed to begin to build your strength, flexibility, balance and attention. You will become familiar with the mechanics of the physical postures and basic breathing and sitting exercises.

Come see what you are capable of!

Beginners Training begins Monday, November 17th

This 4-week class meets Mondays and Wednesdays


Pre-registration is $95

Registration after Nov. 14th is $115

Call Jean at 846.2325 for more info


Thanksgiving Day Yoga

A tradition here at LAVA Yoga Studio!

Come to a gentle morning yoga practice

on Thanksgiving morning.

Take a break from the cooking before the family arrives.

Bring your friends and family.

This class is free!


Join us on Saturdays!

Slow Yoga​​ gives beginners time to get into and out of the poses and allows experienced folks to have a few more breaths in each pose. Class meets from 10am to 11am. This is included in your punch cards and monthly passes.

Philosophy Discussion Group: Saturday, November 15th from 12:30 - 2pm.

Well, you know it was only a matter of time… This session we will discuss The Matrix. Let’s watch it one more time! If you haven’t seen this movie yet then now is the time! There is no spoon.

There is no fee for this group, but please RSVP if you plan to come.


Noah’s Ark News

Night out for Noah’s is Thursday, November 20th.

​Please have a wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner out at any of our participating restaurants including Wendy’s, Nana & Nano’s, Brix, Bella Luna and Bob and Earl’s. Let these fine establishments know you are supporting them on behalf of Noah’s Ark.

Our thrift store Lucky’s Fetching Finds has moved to Main Street!

We have an amazing selection of Christmas decorations! You can also find sporting goods, unique clothing and jewelry, housewares, furniture and shoes!

Come and visit us at 147 E. Main St.

10am­ - 6pm M­ - F

10am­ - 4pm Sat.

Donations are accepted during store hours!



We are quite energy efficient over here at the studio! Here are a few of the ways we save energy and reduce waste: ­

  • We use real glasses for water instead of paper cups ­

  • We use real towels in the restroom instead of paper ­

  • We only need the lights in the winter when the sun sets earlier ­

  • We have been using wine bottles to build the new wall in front ­

  • We recycle things that go in the garbage cans ­

  • Our punch cards are recycled business cards

  • ­We use washable towels to clean mats after classes ­

  • While we do use gas to heat the studio, we supplement with the wood stove.


Welcome to Ilyas El-Amin as our guest contributor to the newsletter this month!

Disabled? No, Just Enabled Differently.

When I first began having trouble with my body I was furious. I was angry with myself, my family, my friends and most importantly my God. I could not understand why my body was shutting down. At least that is how it felt at the time. I could not understand what was happening and why. I thought and perhaps even spoke aloud on numerous occasions, “what have I done to deserve this”. Now several years later, still with physical maladies, I continue to ask the same question. However, now the question is asked with gratitude. I sometimes feel as if I won the lottery. I cannot believe how lucky and blessed I am, to be chosen amongst so many people to be able to live life on my own terms.

I was employed as a Social Case Manager at Las Animas County Department of Human Services (DHS), managing long term care programs for the elderly, blind and “disabled”. During the brief time that I was employed at DHS, I worked for less than two years before having to resign, I witnessed many of my clients treat their health issues as a death sentence. They were bitter and frustrated with life, complaining constantly and overindulging with medications. There was a general attitude of what does it matter, I’m sick anyway. They had given up and felt helpless not knowing their lack of personal power was obviously the greater issue, not the disease. That understanding was beyond me at the time, otherwise I would have tried to do more than just provide services to meet their physical needs. They identified with their disease as if they did not exist outside of their illness and so did I. So when my own health issues arrived, I too followed the example of my clients, I gave up.

I lived in a zombie like state of rage, frustration and confusion coupled with mind numbing narcotics to “treat” my pain for an entire year. That was possibly the worst year of my existence. I suffered greatly, but from the suffering came enlightenment. I begin to really look at myself, my family and most importantly my reality. I thought this cannot be how I live the rest of my life. I wanted more and sitting around being pissed off and doped up on narcotics was not going to get me there. I did not know what to do, or if it was even possible for me to do anything differently, but I had a desire. I desired to live and to see my children, and grandchildren, grow-up. I did not want to live in a pharmaceutical stupor, chanting the “woe is me’s”. A solution presented itself to me one day while perusing Netflix for another day’s entertainment, I came across a documentary titled Dhamma Brothers by filmmakers Jenny Phillips, Andrew Kukura and Anne Marie Stein. The documentary followed the story of introducing Vipasssana Meditation to inmates in an Alabama Correctional Facility. I was amazed at the transformation of the inmates and the inner peace that they found, if they could gain happiness in the midst of prison life I knew that meditation could help me to cope with the imprisonment I felt living in a failing body.

After researching Vipassana Meditation I discovered a 10 day retreat in Texas. I decided that I was going and nothing would prevent me from the journey. At the time, I was not in a place financially to take a flight so despite the limitations of my body I decided I would drive the 10+hrs. I guess it is important to explain that my vision was poor due to glaucoma, cataracts and floaters. I also was dealing with constant migratory joint pain, diffused bone pain, hip bursitis, advanced chondromalacia in my knee resulting in holes in my femur, a disjointed shoulder and severe gastrointestinal issues. These issues seemed less important to me than the thought of not arriving in Texas and learning to meditate. I wish that I could continue the story of my completing the retreat, however, I cannot. On the third day, I could no longer stay. I can say it was because the long meditation sessions were hard on my joints, which was true. Truthfully, the real reason I did not continue is because the emotional issues that came forward during meditation were too hard for me to deal with at the time. I guess here is a good place to mention that I also suffered from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Night Terrors. I had not considered, nor prepared for, the emotional and mental work that would occur with the practice. I decided to leave after disclosing my emotional state with the teacher at the retreat center. He provided me instructions to continue practicing the techniques at home.

The practice at home was just right for me. I have always been sort of an introvert and in the privacy of my home I was able to fully experience me and all of my emotions. This releasing of past trauma enabled me to see that my life despite the way my body felt was tremendous. I started to gain an appreciation for my family, my friends and most importantly my life. My eyes were opened to see that what I thought of as God or the Universe punishing me was actually a great blessing. My body “failing” was actually my body asking for me to slow down, to find true joy within myself. My entire life prior was filled with trying to find happiness by looking outside of me, or by looking to others to create it for me. While practicing meditation I learned that I was not disabled, but I was enabled to live life fully on my terms. I was already experiencing what most of us fear, poor health and possibly teetering on the edge of death. There was nothing left but to live life fully and to be happy while living. An amazing thing started to occur once my perspective shifted, I believe, my body started to heal itself. I cannot truly explain how this occurs, other than gratitude and happiness is quite possibly the greatest medicine known to humanity.

It has been three years since I first started my meditation practice. I still have physical problems that come and go, but no longer am I bound by those issues, I am free. The days when I feel terrible or tired, I realize that is my body asking me to slow down, to take a break. I use those days to sit with myself, to further learn to enjoy my own company. The days when my body is more willing to move, I move passionately and hold nothing back. I realize that may not sound like a healing, as most of us think of healing as never having physical problems again. That may be true, but I do not think that is how life is designed. There will always be an ebb and flow to life, mountains and valleys, sunshine and rain. The key is to focus on living and to let go of the pain.

-Ilyas El-Amin

If you have enjoyed reading this article. Come check out more on my blog

Bishi and Elektra’s Blanket Statement

"Sometimes a package comes to our house from the amazon. Momma and Daddy get kind of excited, but we don’t understand why. It is never biscuits or ham. Just books or sometimes a pair of shoes.

We only get excited by food and being with our family. We don’t care if our collars are fancy. We don’t care what kind of car we get to ride in as long as we are all together. Momma said Thanksgiving holiday is only about food and family. We decided it is our favorite holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!"

See you all in class.



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