December 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to Winter!!

When there is new snow it may be slippery!

The parking spaces on Arizona usually dry up first!!

Please park where it is clear so you can be safe.


No Classes on Christmas Day!

All other classes are at the regular times!


Exciting new additions to the Winter Schedule!

Instead of going through all the changes I’ll just give you the full schedule here:

  • Mondays: Pilates 5:30pm-6:15pm

  • Tuesday: Open Mat* 6:30am-7:45am

  • Tuesdays: Yoga 5:30pm-6:30pm

  • Wednesdays: Pilates 5:30pm-6:15pm

  • Thursdays: Open Mat* 6:30am-7:45am

  • Thursdays: Yoga 5:30pm-6:30pm

  • Fridays: Open Mat* 6:30am-7:45am

  • Fridays: Gentle Yoga 8:30am-9:30am

  • Saturdays: Slow Yoga 10am-11am

*Open Mat Practice is students working on their own practice at their own pace. Instructors are there to give suggestions and answer questions as they arise.


What is Open Mat Practice?

In addition to the familiar style of yoga class where the instructor calls out the sequence of postures, as our classes on Tuesdays/Thursdays at 5:30pm and the morning classes on Fridays and Saturdays follow, this Open Mat Practice uses a traditional style of students practicing at their own pace and the teacher adjusting and guiding each student as needed.

-If you have a personal practice:

For those who have a daily practice they do at home or at other studios this is a dedicated time and space to work with an instructor available.

-What if you are a beginner or do not have a daily practice?

I will work with you to develop a sequence to build your practice.

-Do you have to stay the whole time?

You can arrive and leave at any time between 6:30am and 7:45am.

-Do you have to practice asana (physical postures) the whole time?

You can do asana, breathing practice, sitting practice even savasana during this time.

-What is the fee for this class?

This class is included in the 30-day unlimited pass or it is $5 per session.

This practice begins Tuesday, December 9


Join us!!


LAVA Yoga Teacher Training

The next session of our 200­ hour yoga teacher certification begins in Spring 2015.

  • This certification is registered with Yoga Alliance and focuses on how to be the most effective teacher, extensive anatomy and physiology training, asana proficiency and fascinating philosophical study.

  • Class size is very limited.

The required reading list is substantial. It’s good to get an early start to see if this is the next step in your practice.

All required reading must be finished before training begins. Basic asana proficiency must be demonstrated before training begins.

If you or someone you know is interested in this unique training call Jean at 846.2325.


We also teach private classes. If you would like your own class or would like to take classes with just your friends or family contact the studio to check available times and rates.


Beginners Intensive Training Block

If you missed this class in November here is your opportunity to begin! For those who are really interested in exploring their potential within the practice of yoga it will take more training than attending a general class once or twice a week. This training is designed to begin to build your strength, flexibility, balance and attention so you can take your practice and experience to your next level.

Come see what you are capable of!

Beginners Training begins January 6th

This 5-week class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays


Pre-registration is $95

Registration after Dec. 30th is $115

Call Jean at 846.2325 for more info


Mission: Wolf

Some of you know that our studio is a supporter of this amazing organization that rescues wolves as well as educates the public about these perfect creatures and their necessary place in nature. Our studio sponsors two wolves, Rosie and Zeab. Did you know that wolves and our pet dogs are genetically identical? Learn more at the Mission: Wolf website!


Join us on Saturdays!

Slow Yoga​​ gives beginners time to get into and out of the poses and allows experienced folks to have a few more breaths in each pose. Class meets from 10am to 11am. This is included in your punch cards and monthly passes.

Philosophy Discussion Group: Saturday, December 6th from 12:30 - 2pm.

This session we will discuss death and why it is scary to humans.

There is no fee for this group, but please RSVP if you plan to come.


Noah’s Ark News

Night out for Noah’s is Thursday, December 19th.

​Please have a wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner out at any of our participating restaurants including Wendy’s, Nana & Nano’s, Brix, Bella Luna and Bob and Earl’s. Let these fine establishments know you are supporting them on behalf of Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark Thrift Store,

"Lucky's Fetching Finds"

has moved to Main Street!

We have an amazing selection of Christmas decorations! You can also find sporting goods, unique clothing and jewelry, housewares, furniture and shoes!

Come and visit us at 147 E. Main St.

10am­ - 6pm M­ - F

10am­ - 4pm Sat.

Donations are accepted during store hours!

All Christmas items are 50% off through December!!!!!



It’s good to periodically go over the few pieces of etiquette we observe in the studio. If you are new to the studio this will help you know what to expect and if you are a regular student it is a good reminder!

  • We remove our shoes at the front door so we can keep the studio clean.

  • We wash off perfumes and scented lotions before class so we can all breathe deeply. Some students are sensitive to strong scents and get headaches.

  • We clean our mats after class with the towels and spray cleaner.

  • We fold the blankets and put away all our bolsters and equipment after class.

  • We turn off all sounds from our mobile devices.

  • It is good to come 5 or 10 minutes EARLY to class so you can settle in, so you don’t disturb the beginning of class and so you can participate in the warm up.

  • Children attending class must participate for the full class and be quiet and attentive.

All of these guidelines help us maintain a peaceful, clean space for the powerful work we do in the studio.

Bishi and Elektra’s Blanket Statement

"Momma likes to teach classes when our friends come to the studio. Sometimes we participate and sometimes we find a blanket and take a nap. We have a class we want to teach. First Wiki (Elektra) will do a tutorial on wagging:

Well, there is a secret wag that you can do anytime. It involves moving just the tip of the tail. You can do this when you are happy, but you are tired. Or you can do this while you are sitting in a boring meeting but thinking about someone you love. No one in the boring meeting will know. Please practice the secret-very-slight movement-of-the-tail wag. The next wag is on all feet with the head slightly down. This is nice if you are greeting someone. Feel free to also move the shoulders in opposition to the hips and tail.

The last wag of this series is with the head up. We use this one if we are expecting something great to happen or something delicious to fall on the floor. This is a vigorous wag. Please practice the vigorous wag often.

Bishi cannot wag since her injury, but she has a fine way of showing happiness with her special dance:

Bishi: To do my happiness dance you keep both legs straight and shift side to side while being happy. Please keep practicing this! Thank you for taking our wagging class!!!!!"

See you all in class.



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