July 2015 Newsletter

So many events this month!

Get your calendar out!!

Join us for this

Exciting Workshop

Sunday June 28!

The Soul’s Critical Path:

Liberating Life Force in Service

of the Soul’s Purpose and Passion


Author and Soul Coach

June 28, 2015

JOHN DAVIDSON is an author and soul coach. “My process is called ​The Soul’s Critical Path​.​​It is a unique fusion of meditative, shamanic, and cranial/sacral techniques designed to give my clients an effective taste,​​first, of what its means to​be ​the soul, and, second, of the sense of safety that a skilled soul can bring to the body. From that experience emerges a process in which we learn to shift identity from body to soul, creating the platform from which soul can develop a soulmate relationship with the body. With that, the soul can discover its purpose and body can lend passion to the soul’s work.”

This workshop will provide two takeaways: A Soul Perspective—a way of understanding the differences between soul, body, and personality; how they can work together; and why it is important to shift identity from the body to the soul. A Taste of the Soul—how it feels to separate soul and body while soul remains in the body; how soul can contain the body; how soul can constellate the love of heaven and earth dimensions to provide the love that body requires to feel safe; and how soul takes the lead in developing its love relationship with the body. More about John:​​www.soulscriticalpath.com

A sense of safety is necessary for the body to release the effects of trauma. But that release is just preliminary to the next step in our personal spiritual work. Learning to ​be the soul and to create a loving relationship with the body through the heart portal represents the next evolution in personal healing. That level of healing represents the skill to step into our life purpose with a sense of clarity and passion. It is the key to finding an internal integration that supports the authenticity for which we yearn. ​

Presented by Jean Crisler

and LAVA Yoga Studio

June 28, 2015

10am to 4pm


LAVA Yoga Studio

828 Arizona Ave

Trinidad, CO 81082



TO REGISTER: Prepay registration fee of $75 on PayPal at ​john@davidson-heartworks.com​; or pay by check payable to HeartWorks Co., mailed to PO Box 6, Raton, NM, 87740, to arrive by JUNE 24​ TH​.

Please send your name, telephone number, and email address to the same email address by JUNE 24​ TH​.

Questions may be addressed to John at the same email address or at 575-779-9432


Here are the drop-in classes!

Mondays: Pilates 5:30pm-6:15pm

Wednesdays: Pilates 5:30pm-6:15pm

Fridays: Gentle Yoga 8:30am-9:30am

Saturdays: Slow Yoga 10am-11am

From ​June 25 to July 16

TaiJi class will be a drop-in!

Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays


The rest of our Yoga, TaiJi, QiGong and Meditation classes are by registration. You can always find out which classes are available on the website or by calling the studio. There are many levels of training and these classes are continuous.

Private lessons are also available.


Practice TaiJi and QiGong!

These exercises are slow, gentle and build concentration and coordination skills.

Jean has been practicing QiGong since 1999 and has been teaching since 2001. Learn from and practice with the most experienced QiGong and TaiJi teacher in Trinidad.

We will practice several forms from the Chen Family Style Spiral Tai Chi Chuan.

We will also begin Learning Soaring Crane QiGong.

Next class begins Tuesday July 21st

This 4-week class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays


Fee for this class is $80

Please register by July 20th.


Psst… This class will be meeting as a drop-in until the 21st. Come and try it!


New Intensive Intermediate Yoga:

Getting Even Stronger!

If you have been practicing diligently and have taken some of the Phase I or Phase II classes you may be ready for this!!

To really explore the full potential within your yoga practice it will takes more training than attending a general class once or twice a week.

This training is designed to introduce some of the intermediate stages of the poses and begin to train for inversions such as shoulder stand and headstand.

If you are not sure if this class is suited to your level of training just give me a call and we will figure it out!

Come see what you are capable of!

Training begins Monday, July 27th

This 4-week class meets Mondays and Wednesdays

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Pre-registration is $95

Registration after July 24th is $115

Call Jean at 846.2325 for more info

New Beginer Intensive

Phase I - The Basics:

If you are new to yoga or have been looking for a great place to start your practice anew, here is the class for you!

To really explore the full potential within your yoga practice it will takes more training than attending a general class once or twice a week.

This training is designed to begin to build your strength, flexibility, balance and attention. You will become familiar with the mechanics of the physical postures and basic breathing and sitting exercises.

Come see what you are capable of!

Beginer Training begins Tuesday, July 28th

This 4-week class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays

5:30pm - 7630pm

Pre-registration is $95

Registration after July 24th is $115

Call Jean at 846.2325 for more info


Join us on Saturdays!

Slow Yoga​​: New summer schedule for Slow Yoga!

This very popular class gives beginners time to get into and out of the poses and allows experienced folks to have a few more breaths in each pose. Join Jacki from 9am to 10am, and start the weekend right! This is included in your punch cards and monthly passes.

Philosophy Discussion Group: Saturday, July 25th from 12:30 - 2pm.

Let’s talk about superheroes!

Which ones do you relate to? Why are they cool?

There is no fee for this group, but please RSVP if you plan to come.


Mindfulness Group: Come and explore meditative practices with a group of terrific people!

​This group meets at the studio on Sunday, July 12th at 11am.

There is no fee for this group.


Noah’s Ark News

Night out for Noah’s is Thursday, July 16th.

​Please have a wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner out at any of our participating restaurants including Wendy’s, Nana & Nano’s, Brix, Bella Luna and Bob and Earl’s. Let these fine establishments know you are supporting them on behalf of Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark Thrift Store On Main Street:

Did you know that all Men’s and Ladies’ tops and bottoms are only $1!!!!!

There are weekly sales on all kinds of things!

We have an amazing selection of sporting goods, unique clothing and jewelry, housewares, furniture and shoes! Really cute purses, too!

Come and visit us at 147 E. Main St.

10am­ - 6pm M­ - F

10am­ - 4pm Sat.

Donations are accepted during store hours!

There are new sales every week!

Check out all the cool retro housewares and clothing!!!


Quote of the Month

"If you had only one hour to live, what would you do? Would you not arrange what is necessary outwardly, your affairs, your will, and so on? Would you not call your family and friends together and ask their forgiveness for the harm that you might have done to them, and forgive them for whatever harm they might have done to you? Would you not die completely to the things of the mind, to desires and to the world? And if it can be done for an hour, then it can also be done for the days and years that may remain. Try it and you will find out."

- Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life


Grand Welcoming

Party for SHARON!


Congratulations to Sam and Bob Who won cool gift certificates

You can make an appointment with Sharon anytime at 719.492.9207

Bishi and Elektra’s Blanket Statement

"As dogs we are obligated to at least bark at cats. This is a given. How could we have known that when you live with cats this enjoyable activity quickly becomes less than satisfying? They no longer react to us! And they know that we know that they have very sharp hands.

Momma gives us a reproachful look just for growling at them! Even if they are too close to our food dish! Yes! Seriously unfair!

But Momma says we have to hold it back because we all want to live together peacefully. I guess that is true.

We want to state for the record the great internal fortitude required by us to be nice while a cat is trying to sit too close to our Daddy. So many things wrong with that!

Often Momma tells us to be gentle to cats because they are old. We didn’t really notice this until recently as our Cat-Sister Cowmer has begun to get slower and sleep longer and just stare at a wall for no reason. Maybe she really is old!

So we have decided to become the protective little sisters now!! We will let her eat some of our food if she wants it. We won’t bark in her ear anymore. We may even let her snuggle with us on the sofa sometimes. We are still discussing that one.

Maybe showing gentleness to cats will be more fun than we expected!"

See you all in class.



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