November 2015 Newsletter

Get your calendar out!

Here are the drop-in classes!

Mondays: Pilates 5:30pm-6:15pm

Wednesdays: Pilates 5:30pm-6:15pm

Fridays: Gentle Yoga 8:30am-9:30am

Saturdays: Slow Yoga 10am-11am

The rest of our Yoga, TaiJi, QiGong and Meditation classes are by registration. You can always find out which classes are available on the website or by calling the studio. There are many levels of training and these classes are continuous.

Private lessons are also available.


Meditation Class

Mondays and Wednesdays

4:15 pm-5:00 pm

Let’s practice quiet sitting!

We may have philosophical discussions, too!

This class is by donation.


Practice TaiJi and QiGong!

These exercises are slow, gentle and build concentration and coordination skills.

Jean has been practicing QiGong since 1999 and has been teaching since 2001. Learn from and practice with the most experienced QiGong and TaiJi teacher in Trinidad.

We will practice several forms from the Chen Family Style Spiral Tai Chi Chuan.

We will also begin Learning Soaring Crane QiGong.

Next class begins Tuesday, November 10th

This 4-week class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays


Fee for this class is $60

Please register by November 9th.


We also teach private classes. If you would like your own class or would like to take classes with just your friends or family contact the studio to check available times and rates.​


New Beginer Intensive

Phase I - The Basics:

If you are new to yoga or have been looking for a great place to start your practice anew, here is the class for you!

To really explore the full potential within your yoga practice it will takes more training than attending a general class once or twice a week.

This training is designed to begin to build your strength, flexibility, balance and attention. You will become familiar with the mechanics of the physical postures and basic breathing and sitting exercises.

Come see what you are capable of!

Beginer Training begins Tuesday, November 10th

This 4-week class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays

5:30pm - 6:30pm

Pre-registration is $95

Registration after November 7th is $115

Call Jean at 846.2325 for more info


Join us on Saturdays!

Slow Yoga​​:

Start the weekend strong and centered! Join Jacki from 9am to 10am​ for a practice that will give you the time you need to strengthen and enjoy each pose before moving deliberately to the next pose. Be Luxurious and Strong!


Free Yoga Class!

Because I am thankful

for YOU!

Thanksgiving Morning

Thursday November 26


Put the food in the fridge and come down to the studio for some peace and quiet before the party!

All levels of practice are welcome!

Bring your family and friends!


The Month’s Events At A Glance:

November 7: Deadline Early Reg. for Yoga Basics

November 9: Deadline Reg. TaiJi/QiGong

November 9: Meditation Class Begins

November 10: Yoga Basics Begins

November 10: TaiJi/QiGong Begins

November 26: Free Thanksgiving Class 9am


Noah’s Ark News

Night out for Noah’s is Thursday, November 19th.

​Please have a wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner out at any of our participating restaurants including Wendy’s, Nana & Nano’s, Brix, Bella Luna and Bob and Earl’s. Let these fine establishments know you are supporting them on behalf of Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark Thrift Store On Main Street:

Did you know that all Men’s and Ladies’ tops and bottoms are only $1!!!!!

There are weekly sales on all kinds of things!

We have an amazing selection of sporting goods, unique clothing and jewelry, housewares, furniture and shoes! Really cute purses, too!

It’s guilt­free shopping! You can imagine you are helping dogs and cats return home or find a new home every time you shop!

Come and visit us at 147 E. Main St.

10am­ - 6pm M­ - F

10am­ - 4pm Sat.

Donations are accepted during store hours!

There are new sales every week!

Check out all the cool retro housewares and clothing!!!


Inside the Studio

It’s often the case that when you are really into tea you end up with a lot of teacups and not a few teapots. It just happens.

In my modest teaware collection, there are indestructible metal teapots, hearty melamine cups and strong lacquer tea bowls. There are also delicate porcelain pots and cups made by true artists.

Sometimes I grab a bulky diner mug in the morning so the heat of the coffee or tea can warm up my hands. And sometimes I take out the terra cotta teapot I chose so carefully among all the shops in southern Japan. This teapot perfectly fits my hand. I use this pot for green tea exclusively, and I usually pour the green tea into a white porcelain cup so I can enjoy the color and know when I have gotten the leaves steeped perfectly.

When I use this teapot I have to be slow and gentle. It was not expensive, but to replace it would require a long, uncomfortable flight to Asia. So, I am careful and deliberate when I make tea with this pot. I wash the leaves out right away and rinse and dry the pot, then it goes back in a special cabinet.

Not everyone wants to tip-toe around their dishes. But I think it is good for us to have at least one delicate thing. One delicate thing we use, and we have to be careful with. Maybe this is an antique piece of furniture or a special teacup. Something we lovingly keep clean. Something we move slowly around and treat with gentleness.

One of Tim’s favorite quotes is Eckhart Tolle’s reminder that “everything is honored, but nothing matters”. It’s not about preserving our dishes so they will last forever. In a hundred years none of us will be here; the teacups will be chipped or broken eventually anyway. It is about the attention and deliberate movement we use with those things we don’t want to break. It is an exercise in remembering to be gentle with something small and beautiful and fragile.

If every cup of tea were accompanied by gentle attention to the liquid, the vessel it steeps in and the tiny bowl from which it is drunk, this would be an extension of our practice.

What if we used the same gentleness an expensive cup requires with our own bodies as we practice. That same slow care in each interaction with another human. Slow, gentle care with smaller humans, with furry and feathered folks, with leafy living beings, with water and with air. This would be an extension of our practice. This may even be the purpose of our practice.


Quote of the Month

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go."

- Hermann Hesse


Bishi and Elektra’s Blanket Statement

"Momma is gentle with porcelain. But she is also gentle with us. She lifts us down from the car when we go to the park and settles us lightly on the ground. We think it feels nice.

Momma also teaches us to be gentle with our ancient cat. Cowmer is 21. She doesn ’t care if we bark close to her ears. She can ’t hear us! And she is never afraid of anything.

When we play with Cowmer, Momma reminds us that she is old and delicate. We are not supposed to put our paws on her. We can bump her gently with our noses. We can kiss her.

We have to remember how to play differently with different people. We can be rougher with Daddy and Momma. We have to be gentle with children and old cats. Gentleness is also fun!!"

See you all in class.



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