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The Community Center is at 1309 Beshoar Ave.

It's a drop-in style class structure!

Here is the summer class schedule:

Mondays 5:00-6:30pm Core Strength and Yoga

Tuesdays 9-10am Yoga

Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm Core Strength and Yoga

Thursdays 9-10am Yoga

Fridays 9-10am TaiJi & Meditation

Saturdays 9-10am Slow Yoga

Fees are the same as they were at the studio.

Check the website or call me at 846.2325 for details!


Beginner's Class

Sunday, August 13th

9am - noon

We will all start at the beginning!

This class is designed for students who are new to yoga asana (physical postures). We also welcome folks who have some experience and want to learn the basic postures with perfect precision.

When you complete this class, you will feel comfortable stepping into any drop-in class.

Come see what you are capable of!

Call Jean 846.2325 to register


Summer Meditation Camp

August, 14th - August 18th

7:30am - 8am

There is no fee for this week of meditation instruction and practice. No experience is necessary.

Contact Jean at 846.2425 for details



I promise it will be fun.

One important thing we do in physical yoga practice is learn how to move our bodies with efficiency and grace.

In order to understand how we move, we have to feel our bodies. Let’s break this down:

If I ask what your body feels like right now, you may give me an opinion of how you feel. “I feel good” “I feel slow”. This is a normal response, but what we feel and how we feel are different.

Responses like, “I feel good”, are conclusions we come to as we check in with what the feelings we experience mean to us. Often, we feel the actual feelings briefly before adding in the commentary. Our homework is aimed at feeling the actual sensory feelings just a bit longer than we’re used to.

Physical feelings are a blend of tactile sensations and emotional awareness, and there aren’t always clear lines defining each, but it’s helpful to distinguish tactile and emotional feelings as an exercise.

Physical feelings can be hot, cold, tight, pain, soft, pokey, tension, burning, tingly, itchy, pulsing. These are more objective.

Perception feelings or emotional feelings can be spacious, delicate, uncomfortable, luxurious, supple, dark, open, awkward, sensuous.

There will be combinations of objective sensation and emotional sensation in your homework assignment:

Go outside in the early morning or the late evening. This is best if you can be alone for a few minutes.

Feel the breeze or lack of breeze on your skin. Feel the temperature of the air.

Feel the sensation of your clothing touching your skin.

Even if the breeze and the temperature are not necessarily comfortable. Feel what is happening on your skin without deciding what perfect would be. Just feel. You don’t have to describe what you are feeling. Making a report later is not part of the homework assignment.

If the sensations on your skin feel luxurious then luxuriate. Close your eyes. Let it sink in. Savor.

Now do this whenever you think about it. In the grocery store, at home, in the car (don’t close your eyes in the car), on a walk. Feel all the physical sensations you feel on your skin and through your hair. Keep feeling the sensations even if it’s a bit too cold or a little too hot. You can always get comfortable again later.

Do this for a week and we’ll add on more layers to the assignment in class.


Bishi and Elektra’s Blanket Statement

Finally, we can sit in the sun all day!!!

Summer is our favorite time!!!

But we don't actually sit in the sun ALL day. We sit in the sun until we pant a little and then move to the shade of the porch. And we eventually make some gentle noise to get let into the house. We saunter into the kitchen and sit on the cool tile floor. Ahhh. If only someone would periodically slip some tender pieces of chicken into our mouths as we relax on the kitchen floor. We could chew it ourselves. We got that.

That would truly be a magical summer day.

The only thing we miss in the summertime is getting to go everywhere with the folks. Momma says the car is too hot and someday when the world is more civilized, dogs will be allowed to go everywhere. When the world is more civilized, we are going straight to the deli at Safeway and open a tab!

We hope all your summer days are truly magical!

See you in class!

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